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10 Smart Ways to Promote Youtube Videos and Increase Subscribers

After hearing a lot about the effectiveness of video marketing, you may have created your Youtube channel to promote your business. But, what if you don’t get enough views on those videos? All your efforts of creating hilarious videos, uploading them with a perfect title and description and promoting them on various social networking platforms become pointless, right?

How should we ensure that maximum people view your video and also subscribe to your Youtube channel?

To find the answer to the above question might be overwhelming for you and so we have come up with some smart ways to promote Youtube videos and increase subscribers.

Prepare a Script

The first step to creating an attractive video would be to prepare a script. A script helps you in staying focused on the topic you are preparing video for. It helps in maintaining a perfect flow which is very important to keep your audience engaged.

Ensure that you write the script depending on the type of audience you are targeting. Yes, buyers’ persona is very important when it comes to writing a video script.

Engaging Content

Obviously, the content you are portraying in your video should be informative and entertaining enough to keep your audience engaged until the end of the video. Losing the attention of viewers in the middle of video can never get you the desired results.

It goes without saying that, the videos which entertain and provide information at the same time have been successful. Before you publish the video, ensure that it provides some value to your audience as that would help you in getting maximum views, likes, and shares.

Upload Videos Frequently

If you want to increase subscribers to your Youtube channel, you need to fulfill their expectations. Your subscribers have subscribed to your channel because they find your videos to be interesting and if you don’t upload the video for a long period of time, they may lose interest in your channel and unsubscribe.

Stick to your schedule of uploading a video on your Youtube channel. It might be once in a week or two, but stay consistent as your subscribers are waiting for your videos and you cannot afford to disappoint them.

Optimize Title Tag

The most effective aspect of getting successful on Youtube would be to stay distinguishable. That can be done by giving catchy and SEO friendly titles to your videos.

Just ensure that your video title –

  • Is having a keyword with high search volume
  • Is not too long
  • Is engaging and descriptive
  • Doesn’t include the word “video”

Customize your Youtube Channel

Youtube offers plenty of options to customize your channel. Use those options and make your Youtube Channel appear professional by designing it as per your brand recognition.

The design of your Youtube channel should match the design of your website or blog which would help your visitors to recognize across all platforms and establish an exclusive brand image.

Personalize Video Thumbnails

Now, this is very important if you want to increase your CTR. From the thumbnail of your video, the viewer should understand what the video is all about.

Youtube provides the facility of choosing the thumbnail of your video. Make proper use of that and ensure your video is presented in an attractive manner to get maximum clicks.

Set Duration of Video Below 5 Minutes

Have you ever experienced losing connection in between while watching a long video? So, what did you do? Just stopped watching the video and moved on to something else right?

The same thing happens with many people. A long video usually takes away all the interest of viewers watching the video. Instead, keep the video short, interesting and engaging.

Once, you have built up a good number of subscribers, you can post long videos and watch the reaction of your audience.

Add Call to Action Annotations

Call to action annotations are the popups which appear in the video and encourage the viewers to click and increase the subscription. This can be a bit annoying sometimes, but if used in a proper and interesting way can benefit the video creators.

The intention of creating these popups should not only to be to increase the subscribers. So, this should be done in a smart manner otherwise can be disastrous for your Youtube channel.

Give a High Note Ending to the Video

End your video with confidence. Request your audience to subscribe, like and share. Also, you can share your website and phone number at the end.

Just don’t forget to appreciate them to view your video.

Share on Different Social Media Platforms

In the current scenario, being present on social media platforms is very important to make your brand popular.

Share your videos on all social media platforms and increase your subscribers.

First 1000 Subscribers – Significant to Promote Youtube Videos

You cannot just sit back and relax thinking that you have uploaded the videos and the subscribers would automatically get built. Last but not the least, prepare an aggressive strategy for building first 1000 subscribers for your Youtube channel.

Promote your Youtube channel on maximum platforms and share your videos to your connections and ask them for subscribing.

The strategy which worked for others, might not work for you. So, just keep exploring and experimenting with your Youtube channel. Track the methods which worked best for you and repeat them for expected results.