Tips to create a perfectly optimized Facebook Page

18 Tips to create a perfectly optimized Facebook Page

Your dreams, of creating leads and expanding customers from Facebook pages, are absolutely at stake, if you don’t construct the page with such a potential. Yes, it requires an explicit construction with certain specific good practices. Let’s go through a few Facebook optimization tips or Facebook SEO tips below, to make much better sales and revenues from the trending Facebook business pages!

  • Dummy account for Facebook business page isn’t a good habit at all, for whatever reason you may do! It’s against the Facebook terms. You may be shut down; to avoid facing this, provide administrative rights on your Facebook business page, only to those who are delegated to do edit. Make sure they know what to publish and post under their personal profile or under the business name set in settings–> post attribution.
  • Make sure to stick to the Facebook image rules for your business page profile picture. Using a recognizable image is important to get noticed in any media space.
  • Cover picture occupies the most space in the page hence you should display the best and the most relevant image. Facebook provides cover page templates while stating the agreed dimensions as 851×315
  • You may link your blog page or a specific lead generating content or “about us”, to your business page description. It’s up to you, but choose it wisely, in a way, you convey the maximum details to those looking for who you are and what you have for them
  • You may even connect your profile picture with your cover picture in the most attractive way possible!
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  • Facebook’s help to you, in driving traffic from Facebook pages, comes with a surprising CTA integrating feature now! Yes, you can add CTA buttons on your cover picture or you can choose one of those 7 available CTAs from Facebook.
    CTAs from Facebook
  • To the traditional ‘about’ and ‘photos’ tab usually available for any Facebook profile, one can additionally customize the business apps onto those tabs. Wish to make people apply for jobs at you? Just add the career link to a Facebook tab; Timeline would now show your jobs!
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  • Make the best of the “About” section in your business page for best social media optimization. Give a detailed description of who you are, what you provide, and why people should choose you when there are 1000 others offering the same as you do. Fill in the best text in the short description column as this gets displayed in the front as a preview. Don’t miss to fill in the milestone section with your achievements, new launch ads or anything you feel proud of in the business.
  • Add relevant media files where necessary; note that pictures talk more than words and are more attractive than your chunks of text you’ve put in. Be sure of the Facebook Infographic before you do.
  • Make sure the content you share is optimized for Facebook sharing. Images used within the links should satisfy the Facebook rules too.
  • Posting too much of lead generating content may seem as if you are pushing the people too much. Don’t overdo; strike a good balance between lead content and purely engaging content. This purely engaging content are meant to just engage viewers into your pages; when you expand your viewer base, then your lead content has more audience now!
  • Make sure to include any important links before the fifth line from the bottom, beyond which Facebook adds ‘see more’ truncating the content beneath.
  • Check the blog on social media benchmarking report here to understand the ideal timing and frequency to post on your pages. Posting too many in a short time frame renders them useless, as per Facebook algorithms, targeting the audience satisfaction!
  • Scheduling automatic posts and setting up the time of expiry for posts (like limited period offer or any specific function update or so) is very much possible, helping you in the management side. You can even narrow down your audience intended for the news feed, based on the people gender, status, location, age and language.
  • Pinning a single post to the top of the page is possible! You can make the most of it to show the most important post for the day on the top throughout.
  • You can choose to enable or disable private messaging on your business pages via the messages tab. While enabling them is the recommended practice, if you say you lack resources to monitor messages, then state on alternatives in your “about us”!
  • Monitoring and responding to the comments on your page is something you simply can’t ignore
  • Social media follow buttons on your website and blog site allow people to connect with you on Facebook. You can utilize many more ways to improve your social reach.

Well, that’s a good amount of content on the importance of SEO for Facebook business pages helping a business to establish its brand name, we believe. Connect with us to optimize your Facebook pages as per the techniques we’ve discussed above for better customer engagement right now.