SEO Tips That Can Help You Win In 2018

3 SEO Tips That Can Help You Win In 2018

With Search Engine algorithms changing frequently, you never know when your website rankings are being harmed. SEO tactics that you may have used in 2017 may not work in 2018.

So, what are the latest SEO techniques which we should implement to keep our website ahead in SERPs?

Here, we have gathered 3 major SEO tips which would help in improving your website search engine rankings significantly.

Speed Optimization

High speed is something which has become an essential element for any website these days. Whether your viewer is browsing your website through desktop or mobile, speed is something which you need to keep on improving.

Just ensure that you have taken below mentioned measures to improve the speed of your website –

Image size optimization

Image file size needs to be optimized using Photoshop. Inserting low-resolution images still looking perfect can be inserted in the website. The image dimensions should be as per the space reserved for that particular image.

Optimize your browser cache

Browser caching refers to a method in which your browser saves some elements of a website so that they don’t have to be loaded everytime other pages of the website being browsed. For example, the logo of the website can be stored by the browser which can save time while loading another page of the website.

Script handling optimization

Creating scripts for enhancing a website functionality and user experience is important. But, you need to decide the priority. Some enhancements are not so much required that you can compromise your website loading speed.

Mobile Friendly

Google has started determining rankings based on the mobile version of your website. So, just ensure that your website is ready for Google’s mobile-first algorithm. Now how can that be done? You can focus on below-mentioned steps to keep your website mobile friendly –

  • Navigation should be user-friendly. Users don’t have to scroll for a longer period of time to get what they have come for on your website.
  • The design of your mobile site should not be including too many images, videos, etc., which take a huge amount of time in loading.
  • The content of your website should be crisp, fresh, interesting and adding value to the viewers.

As per internet live stats, there are average 65,053 Google searches in 1 second  as on today. Thus, ensuring that your website ranks on top in Google SERPs becomes a priority.

Best Content Format

There are many ways in which you can present content to your visitors. For example, videos, images, infographics, etc. In 2018, you need to investigate which content formats should be chosen depending on the message you need to convey to your target audience. The choice of content format would totally depend on your buyers’ persona.

Moreover, presenting content in a structured form to Google would also be a priority. Using to data for your website would definitely benefit in terms of high ranking and CTR.

Important SEO Tips for 2018 : Preparing For The Future

In this article, we have focused on some of the some latest SEO tips having a high potential for future proofing your website. Just focus on these important SEO tips and be ready for a high number of visits on your website in 2018!!!

Besides that, ensure that you have great content on your website as that is always going to remain a fresh approach and benefit your website in terms of high search engine ranking on a long-term basis.