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5 Tools to create Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Facebook messenger bots are entities created, in the form of a list of keywords or menus, with which one can make personalized interactions with the users. Additionally, they help in eliminating the need for us to answer trivial user questions that don’t add any value to our business. In simpler terms, they behave like predictions that google search shows us. We can even build bots with artificial intelligence meant to trigger the answers, even when users haven’t fully typed down the query.

How to create Facebook Messenger Bot


This tool is up-to-date with the Facebook messenger bot api and lets you create a bot in not more than 5 minutes! Simple or advanced, for business or for personal needs, whatever is your need, this helps you create a facebook messenger bot on your own. To hint on the main features: building intelligent interfaces in no time, scheduling messages, and tracking analytics data are included! You can even set up to include media files, greeting messages, menus; can integrate with the WordPress to get a combination of various features.


This tool lets you build a facebook bot in less than 8 minutes, with no coding! You can get bots set for media purposes, as personal interfaces to provide automated answers to users, as factual interfaces to provide some specific news, as live chat setups, to answer FAQs, as chat rooms for hotel or room or dining bookings, and much more. Don’t be surprised to know Uber, the global ride check app, uses Chatfuel!


With Flowxo, the specialty is that you can set up bots at once for more than one platform. The tool is classy enough, too easy to use, avoids the use of a visual editor, and to top it all, it is available for immediate use. You can shoot out Marketing messages to users, at a very low cost and totally fast! Local, business, financial, branding and more are its wings of use. Another eye catchy feature is that the templates are already available which you can just pick and use!

This tool lets you integrate the bot with any existing tool. You can set up instant texts, much more than simple texts, query redirections as per the user need, push notifications and conversational commerce (combining messaging with eCommerce shopping). Hub Spot, SalesForce, PayPal or any third party you may want to integrate, you can! Not just conversations, you can even set up a workflow say a guidance or a series of steps to perform something on the site, help in decision making, or set up data manipulation for analytics, build leads, even get user payments and more.

With, you can build the facebook messenger bot in no time, integrate with Google Assistant, or build a chat bot for your business team. Integration with any third-party and deployment in a single click are the key highlights! Main features include natural language understanding, ability to utilize the knowledge gathered for years together, possibility to enhance the user experience based on user interactions, setting up seamless talks, ability to do third party combos, and the ease to use. Its special features include the multilingual support and the multiple platform support (iOS, Mac OS, HTML, android, Apple Watch, python, c# and more).

We believe you had a good time getting to know on the Facebook messenger bots list available in the market today, how they could be set up and how they help the entrepreneurs to have quality business interactions with their customers, for much better businesses. If you wish to talk to us on this, ask us here.