Matt Cutt’s SEO guide

5 Videos of Matt Cutts sharing some great SEO insights

Matt Cutts, currently with United States Digital Systems and very well known for heading the web spam team at Google in past, has inscribed his name in SEO, by his expert talks and provisions of solutions for the best SEO of websites. Don’t be surprised to know he, in his initial days, gave away goodies to those who brought, irrelevant or bad search results to his notice.

Let’s hear from Matt Cutts on How search engine works.

A web search you do searches the Google’s indexing of the web. Google spiders (the software program) fetch a few related web pages, go through the links from those webpages, go through all the webpages linked in the chain and bring out the billion pages gathered till now, into consideration. The fetching happens on basis of the search terms, synonyms of the terms, number of times the keyword is contained in the pages and their position (appears in URL or title or paragraphs or bullets or image alt text or so) in the web, fame of the website in whose webpage the term appears, the page’s rank, backlinks to the page, links going out the page and the importance of these links and similar few factors.

Google is strict on quality; never compromises to deliver the best! Each search result it produces holds a title, a URL and a snippet of information on what’s contained in the URL. Links to related pages and related search terms are displayed too. One can also see the relevant ads at the top and right hand side of the regular search; Google makes it a point to show only the exactly matching ads else show nothing at all.

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Cool, so that’s a bit on SEO. How’s should your SEO strategy be, to get the best page ranking? How do you rank number one? How to rank at the top position in Google? Keyword density is the crux says Matt. Let’s hear from Matt Cutts,

Get the same long tail keyword phrase, in the page, as many times as you can possibly do. Backlinks come next. Internal and external linking is very important; they prove how strong you are in the subject so you are able to provide more in the same area and create a relation and how many more websites second your idea. Adwords and Adsense help one further. Adwords software helps businesses create and manage ads. Adsense does the job of expanding the presence of these ads in web where relevant, as in SERPs, other websites with Adsense and more. Adwords is mainly to get fame in the locality. Adsense has changed a lot over years, based on what Google says in its quality guidelines. Ads dominating the content are penalized; these impact the website bounce rate, user time on the site and related metrics. Coverage, CPC, Cost Per Impression and impressions need to be optimized for the best click through rates.

Here is what we hear from Matt Cutts on ranking number one.

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Google doesn’t give higher rank to the sites running on Adsense.

Buying Adwords doesn’t mean you’re going to grab the top rank in organic search. You still can’t miss out to implement the SEO tactics.

In one of the Videos of Matt Cutts, he talks about the biggest SEO myths existing in most business minds: Buying ads takes your google rank higher, the next is contrary and says when you don’t buy ads you rank high and the last one says google pushes businesses to buy ads. The goal of Google, as always, is giving the best results to users. Purely buying ads or not buying has not much to do with your rank. Linking, guest blogging, social bookmarking the sites onto directories, and each of such acts is thought to be solely giving one the rank one; Not the case at all, says Matt. Any single tool isn’t your sole white hat SEO guide! Going perfectly by the Google guidelines is all that takes one to get a good rank! Hear it from Matt Cutts here.

In one of the Videos of Matt Cutts, he quotes on small business SEO for success;

he mentions how they could become popular. Big and Established sites with high traffic always win over small sites, is a generalised opinion. It’s totally wrong; when you do an agile design and be dynamic keeping up with the trends, to satisfy the users with a good quality result, you may come on top, he says. What matters is the in-depth content you provide, user engagement on the site, doing something unique, and doing all these consistently and better everyday!

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