Google Speed Update

6 Facts You Need to Know About Google Speed Update

Finally, the wait is over and Google is launching its “mobile speed update” in July 2018. So, now Google page speed would be the ranking factor.

Naturally, everyone wanting to get their website ranked on top pages would like to know the details of this latest update by Google.

So, here we are with 10 facts about “Google Speed Update.” and will be posting more very soon. Just stay tuned!!!

Named as “Speed Update”

As its name says, if your mobile site loads quickly then you have nothing to worry about but if it loads slowly, then definitely you will have to look for ways to improve its speed.

Using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Whether you are using AMP or having a simple mobile site, it doesn’t matter as far as your website is loading quickly. Google is not concerned with the technology you are using. If you are using AMP for the home page and mobile pages for other web pages, Google would determine based on the speed of the page ranking in search results.

Importance of User Intent

User intent would be still given importance by Google. For example, if someone is searching for a niche product which you provide, your website would still rank on top even if it loads slowly. The reason behind that is the user is specifically looking for the product or service you are providing.

Google Speed Metric

Google has still not announced that which speed metric tool they are going to use for detecting the speed of a website. Instead on one of their blogs, they have spoken about Lighthouse which works as page speed insights you might use for determining the speed of your website.

Impacted Sites Would Not Be Notified

If your website is loading slowly, it might get affected by Google speed update, but you would not be notified of the same. Moreover, there are no tools available online or offline which can tell you that your website has been impacted by this update.

100% Algorithmic

This new update by Google named as “Google Speed Update” is completely algorithmic. This means that no matter how popular the website is, it can be affected if it is not loading quickly.

How to Get Ready for Google Speed Update?

As this update is not a manual action and completely algorithm, it can affect your website even if you are owning a popular website with low speed.

Moreover, there is no specific tool to directly indicate whether a website has been affected by this update or not.

However, Google has suggested webmasters to use below-mentioned tools for page speed evaluation –

  • Chrome User Experience Report shows what was the experience of some randomly selected chrome users in realistic conditions.
  • Lighthouse is an automated tool which audits the quality of web pages including performance, accessibility, etc.
  • PageSpeed Insights is a tool that shows how well your page is performing on Chrome UX Report and also recommends performance improvisations.

Still, if you have any queries relating to this new ranking factor of Google, just get in touch with us and we would come up with realistic solutions and ideas which can help your website gain high ranking over SERPs and make your SEO strategy successful.