Content Optimization for Mobile Sites

6 Useful Content Optimization Tips for Mobile Websites

We have already crossed that stage when converting a static website to a responsive website to grab the attention of mobile users was enough. Now, it is time to give priority to the user experience and create a mobile-optimized website.

The question arising in your mind would be – what is mobile optimization? Is it not similar to designing a responsive website?

A responsive website refers to making your website look good on different devices and platforms, whereas a mobile-optimized website focuses on the experience user has while browsing your website on mobile devices.

The user-friendliness of a mobile site depends on how easy it is for the user to access the content using a phone.

Still confused? Don’t know exactly what is required to make a mobile website user-friendly?

Just go through these 7 useful content optimization tips for mobile websites.

Quick Loading

Do you know, 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load?

So, if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load on mobiles, you are missing out on these 53% visitors. Visitors leaving your page means losing leads which can include your potential customers too.

Here, you have an opportunity. Just speed up your mobile site loading time and maximize your visitors resulting in increased leads and sales.

100% User-Friendly

You need to check each and every page of your website to test the website responsiveness.

Ensure that it is easy for users to submit forms, place orders, share on social media, write a review, and many other such activities on your website.

Each and every functionality on your website should be easy to do on a mobile device. User experience is something which has become extremely important to win the customer loyalty and retention.

Easily Accessible Information

These days having a fast loading mobile site is just not enough. You also need to ensure that the content on your mobile site is easily accessible to your viewers or not.

What are your visitors looking for? When a visitor is browsing your website the primary information they look for is – price, location, and direction. Ensure that this important information is accessible easily otherwise your visitors may move to your competitors’ websites.

Content Formation

Make sure that the content formation on your mobile website is easily readable on small screens. For that, you need to ensure –

  • There are short paragraphs of not more than five lines in your content
  • Enough white space to give uncluttered look
  • Dark color typography should be there if the background is white to give a good readability to users
  • The font size should be at least 12 size

Use Different Content Formats

Some mobile users don’t read but they like to view. Your goal is to convey the message to the mobile site visitors which can be done through a video, infographic, image, or even a slideshow.

You can offer different content formats to your viewers and grab their attention.

Content Should be Precise

Now comes the copywriting. A single concept can be written in 2 lines and even 5-10 lines. What would you choose? Of course, 2 lines because users don’t have so much of time to read long content. So, just keep it short and to-the-point conveying the exact message you want to.

Content Optimization – An Ultimate Path to SEO Success

Based on Google’s mobile-first index, it has become very significant to focus on the user experience on mobile site. Google would also give preference to the mobile sites which excel in providing the best user experience.

So, the ball is in your court now. Just ensure that you are following all the above content optimization tips for mobile sites and achieving success in search engine ranking too.