Content Marketing Tweaks

7 Content Marketing Tweaks to Follow in 2018

The below Google Trends graph clearly indicates the evolution of content marketing and link building in past 5 years. Concluding the fact that content marketing is to be focused on if high search engine ranking is required.


Long back in 2004, link building was considered as an important step to improve ranking. After the release of Google’s algorithm named Panda, the SEO experts started disavowing bad links which existed due to unethical link building activities. They started focusing on content marketing so that good and authoritative links can be created for a website which can give a boost to the ranking of the website.

Moreover, the evolution and growth of social networking platforms opened new doors to opportunities for digital marketers. Now, the content is not only in the form of text, it can be a video, infographic, image, etc., which can not only engage the target audience but also improve their loyalty towards your brand.

Now, the content marketers have many platforms through which they can advertise their content. But, at the same time, competition is fierce. To stand out different from competitors, we need to think out of the box.

Here, we will have a look at some content marketing tweaks if followed can help you in staying ahead of your competitors.


As per video marketing statistics, 74% of users bought a product or service after viewing its explainer video. It becomes easy to engage and convince the viewers through a video as they help the viewers to understand the concepts in a better way.

If you are perplexed with the idea of using videos for your business, just go through – 8 Convincing Reasons of Using Video Marketing for Business.

Yes, it’s worth investing time and resources in video marketing as it would definitely lead you to higher conversions.

Live Streaming

Live streaming videos help you to stand out different from the crowd. Showing live events of your company online on social networking platforms would not only improve the popularity of your brand but also keep your audience glued to the screen. Live streaming of videos creates an anxiousness and feeling of urgency in users who love to watch live events.

Users Generated Content

Your customers can be the best marketers for your brand. Their reviews & ratings can be a great impact on your audience. Motivate your customers or prospective clients to speak about you online in the form of reviews, blog posts or comments.


A thrilling story which gives a message useful to the society or something to which your target audience can relate to can be the best way to market your brand. Storytelling is something which can keep your audience engaged till you convey your final message ultimately making your developing connections for a longer period of time.

Your storytelling commercial should be more than selling a product or service, then only it can prove to be effective as per your expectations.

Getting Endorsed by Influencers

This method is the upcoming and popular trend of marketing a brand. If a famous celebrity endorses your brand as the best, that is known as influencer marketing.

As per a recent study by McKinsey, the brands using influencer marketing were successful at gaining higher retention rate.

Social Media Platforms

There are social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc., considered for personal use only. Just don’t underestimate these platforms for business use. These social media platforms work well for business advertising and campaigns too.

All you need is to decide the right message at the right time.

Smartphone is Priority

According to the statistical report, there are almost 200 million Smartphone users in the United States. No matter what happens, your content should be presentable on Smartphones and other related devices like iPads, Tablets, etc.

If your content is not properly viewable on Smartphones, you may risk of losing millions of customers. So, Smartphone is really a priority.

Conclusion: The Power of Content Marketing

Your audience would always look out for informative, entertaining and relevant content. Content is something which has a strong impact on the mind of viewers. It can make or break your business. The above-mentioned content marketing tweaks can not only attract your target audience but also help you in staying ahead in terms of SEO because increased visits or CTR leads to higher search engine ranking.