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7 Evident Metrics to Measure the Success of Youtube Marketing

The ultimate goal of launching a Youtube marketing campaign is brand popularity which can lead to financial success.

You might be getting thousands of views on the promotional video you have uploaded on Youtube. But, are you getting monetary benefit out of it? If no, then either your video is not reaching out to the right audience or it is not making enough impact in the minds of your audience.

In both the cases, you need to consistently improve your Youtube marketing strategy. But, before that, you need to have in-depth knowledge of how your Youtube videos are performing.

Measuring the performance of your Youtube videos mere on the number of views would not be enough to determine the success or failure of your Youtube marketing campaign.

There are many other metrics too which can be explored in YouTube Analytics. Here we will discuss some of the most significant metrics, which should be considered to measure the performance of your videos which is important as it ensures that your brand has a successful presence on Youtube.

Viewers’ Engagement

Whether you have a million viewers or hundreds of them, if they don’t get engaged then there is no point working towards improving the number of viewers.

The video should be interesting enough to engage people. How would you analyze the video engagement? That can be done by analyzing the number of likes, dislikes, shares, and comments.

YouTube is all about posting content which viewers find interesting, want to view and share with others. If your video is not engaging enough, the viewers might also decrease in the future.

Based on the data available relating to video engagement, you can improvise your video or create other new videos accordingly.

Audience Retention

The metric which shows the percentage of a video a viewer watches before leaving the page is known as audience retention. You can view the audience retention for your entire YouTube channel and individual videos both.

If the audience retention for your video is high, it means that your videos are interesting and can keep your viewers interested for a longer period of time. YouTube promotes the videos with high audience retention.

YouTube Marketing

The audience retention metric also helps you in deciding how to create the videos for your brand in the future. You get to know which part of your video your audience finds it boring and just stops viewing it. You can eliminate such instances in your video in future helping you to create interesting ones.

Repetitive Views

Repetitive view is a metric in which you can know which parts of your videos were repeatedly watched by your viewers. That gives an idea about which topic of your video was most liked by your audience.

You can execute a smart strategy of enhancing the most viewed topic in your next video and maximize video engagements and make your brand popular.

YouTube Marketing

Impressions V/S. Click Through Rate

It doesn’t matter how frequently your video shows up in search results, trending section or suggestions, if people don’t click on your video, then you cannot benefit out of it.

The metric of impressions V/S. Click through rate can help you determine whether your audience is finding your video topic compelling enough or not.

If you are having good click-through rate but your audience stops viewing the video and leaves initially only, then your video title might be misleading. So, just ensure that your video title is compelling enough for an audience to click but at the same time is not misleading.

Number of Subscribers

Increased number of subscribers means you have built up the audience for your video channel. If your number of subscribers is growing, you can consider your brand getting popular.

Moreover, subscribers watch twice as many videos as non-subscribers. Thus, you need to keep on posting videos liked by your subscribers in order to increase your business reach.

Organic Views

If you are running paid advertising campaign on YouTube to promote your video, then you will notice two types of metrics for your video views – paid and organic.

When the videos which are being listed in organic search results are being highly viewed, it means that your organic views are high and your YouTube channel is well performing as per the YouTube algorithm.

Further, you can also view the sources from where you are getting traffic on your YouTube channel, which helps you in promoting your video in an efficient manner.

The Frequency of Getting Listed in Suggested Videos

With this metric, you can get an idea of how frequently your videos are being suggested just below the video which is being viewed. This shows how relevant your video is to the topic area.

The Highly suggested video is likely to get more views which results in the growth of the YouTube channel and the popularity of your brand.

YouTube Marketing: The Key Takeaways

After having an in-depth study based on these metrics, you would be able to execute the YouTube marketing tactics helping in increasing views, engagements and subscriptions.

Plan your video marketing strategy based on these metrics and experience improved likes, shares, comments and subscribers for your video.

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