Social Media Trends Gained Popularity

7 Game Changing Social Media Trends That Gained Popularity in 2017

Social media networking continues to grow this year with world’s 22% of the total population using Facebook; Linkedin having 450 million user profiles and around 400 million snaps are shared on Snapchat every day. Also, you would be surprised to know that mere 10,000 videos on Youtube have been able to achieve 1 billion views.

If you think, the above mentioned wonderful statistical figures are just due to personal communication and sharing, then you might be mistaken. Social media is highly used for business too….

  1. Around 50 million businesses use Facebook business pages to promote their brand.
  2. Instagram earned around $595 million in mobile ad revenue which is increasing with each coming year.

Now, this is not something new. The growth of social media is being noticed from more than a decade now.

The thought worth considering would be – how to take advantage of this growth in social media networking to improve your business ROI?

The answer is simple – plan a social media strategy including social media trends given below which gained popularity in 2017 and stay ahead of the game.

Live Videos

Through Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope, Live Videos have gained immense popularity. Live videos are not just used for showing your visit to a particular place to your connections. But, it can be also used for Live Q&A sessions with your audience. Anyone who is following your business page would receive a notification and thus can view your live streaming video.

One of the best examples of Live Video is – a company named Benefit Cosmetics started a weekly live show named “Tipsy Tricks with Benefit!” which aired every Thursday at 4:45 p.m. In that live show, the viewers were allowed to ask the questions to the hosts about their experience using the products.


Chatbots is something which is most talked about topic these days. Executing chatbot service to an online store is understood but getting it executed to your social networking messaging service is still not so prevalent. So, to think out-of-the box, businesses are now starting to use chatbot in their messaging systems so that they can improve customer service by providing real-time assistance to their customers.

In April 2016 Facebook introduced Chatbot facility to its messaging system which has helped many businesses to provide 24/7 assistance to their customers located worldwide.

Personalised Content

This is an excellent marketing technique which enables you to keep on changing the content depending on who is viewing it. In other words, displaying content dynamically on your social media page is the most significant social media trend of 2017 which helps businesses in closing deals which have been missed out.

The biggest example is remarketing ads. While scrolling down a news feed, you might have noticed an ad showing a product which you have viewed 1-2 days back. These type of ads are really gaining success in converting sales which have been missed out as it keeps on reminding people of the products they liked but not bought for some reasons at that time.

Slideshow Advertisements

This social media trend of 2017 exclusively pertains to Facebook. Facebook facilitates businesses to display an array of images in a single advertisement. Music and videos can also be included in these slideshow advertisements which help businesses to address the audience from different segments too.

One of the biggest benefits of using this tactic is that more than one product or service can be shown in a single ad. For example, a high fashion sock company named Stance experienced a 2.42X increase in their CTR and a 1.4X boost in their ROI after replacing their static ad with a slideshow ad.

Virtual Reality

Recently virtual reality has become the latest technological advancement which is being talked about a lot. But, how can it be used in social media advertising?

Brands like GoPro and TOMS are already advertising through VR video clips on social media platforms. Very soon many more brands will be doing that by creating and uploading videos providing an amazing experience to the users to market their products, services or brand.

Internet users appreciate video content than any other content. If you advertise something through a virtual reality video providing experience to the users before their purchase, it can be an extra advantage.

Expiring Social Media Content

Many people have a misconception that Snapchat and Instagram stories can be used for communicating with friends. It can be a fantastic advertising medium too.

Recently, Netflix published an Instagram story showing a queue of fans waiting for the one-day opening of pop-up Luke’s Diner locations. Inspired from that, a footage of cast members and other fans waiting in queue for their free cup of Luke’s coffee was posted by Gilmore Girls to grab publicity for their show.

As you know that these Instagram and Snapchat stories are displayed for only 24 hours after they have been posted. This creates a sense of urgency among the users. People feel that they might miss out something if the content is not viewed now. Due to this reason, the visitors get more engaged in your content so that they don’t miss out any opportunity.

Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth is always been the best way of advertising since ancient times. People are likely to trust a brand more if an influential personality shares some positive views about the same.

In the world of social media marketing, word of mouth advertising has been enhanced in the name of influencer marketing. As per the research on influencer marketing, it was found that “Nearly 40% of Twitter users say they have made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer.”

Social Media Trends of 2017: Conclusion

Just keep in mind that social media is something which is consistently evolving and growing in terms of technologies and trends. So, to keep your digital marketing strategies updated and competitive, you need to continuously observe the latest trends going on in social media marketing world and adapt them.

Social media marketing using old traditional ways might not be effective and yield desired results. So, just execute these latest social media trends of 2017 and achieve your sales goals this year and upcoming year too!!