PPC Campaign Design

7 Tips to Improve your PPC Campaign Design

Setting up a PPC campaign is not just enough. You also need to check whether your PPC campaign design is successful and achieving your sales goals or not.

Is your PPC campaign helping you to achieve desired sales goals? If no, then you really need to pay attention to your PPC campaign design.

There are several ways of optimizing PPC campaigns in order to improvise the performance. Let’s go through some tips which can help you with Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads and many other ad campaigns as well –

In-depth Keyword Research

Keywords research is quite closely associated with a PPC campaign. The success and failure of a PPC campaign highly depend on the type of keywords you have chosen. So, just focus on in-depth keyword research and use the keywords in your PPC campaign which are not only high in search volume and popular but also help your business in better conversions.

Conversion Tracking Set Up

Set up a conversion code to your website to analyze the results your PPC ads are achieving for your business. It is quite significant to measure the efforts you have put behind the launching and enhancement of your PPC ads. After in-depth analysis, you can design better PPC ads for future and bring your business closer to the sales goals. Get better leads and sales with accurate insights you get from tracking the conversions of your PPC ad campaigns.

Leading to a Relevant Landing Page

Just make sure your PPC ad leads to a relevant landing page which matches your ad. The audience should get the right details after clicking on your ad. If it is not so, you end up spending on pay per click ads unnecessarily as it would just increase the bounce rate and not the conversions. It becomes very much significant to maintain relevance between the PPC ad and the landing page.

Design Responsive PPC Ads

As per Meeker’s Report on the state of advertising and ad trends to watch out for, there is an increase of 22% year-on-year which indicates that the future of advertising is mobile. Thus, to target the growing audience, it becomes necessary for the business owners and digital marketers to ensure that their PPC ad is mobile optimized.

Include Attractive Image

A successful PPC campaign not only consists of catchy content but also includes an appealing image which tells everything about what you are trying to sell. Insert an image in your PPC ad which is visually attractive, relevant and of high quality which would increase the chances of high conversions for your business.

Check the Performance Regularly

You just cannot set up a PPC ad campaign and forget it. You need to check the performance of your PPC ads consistently. If the campaign is not working as per your expectations, you can revise the targeted keywords, change the bidding amount, check the time zone in which your ads are being displayed, etc. You need to constantly check and test various factors to get a conclusion about how your PPC ad campaign can be a successful endeavor.

Use Ad Extensions

An ad extension is the type of PPC ad format which provides extra information about the products or services. Explore the ad extensions to the maximum level and provide useful information to your customers within the PPC ad itself. This would help you in increasing the clicks to your PPC ads and will open doors to new opportunities.

Moving Towards a Successful PPC Campaign Design

So, now you know PPC ad campaign design is an important aspect to focus on if you want to take your business to next level. As the best digital marketing professional, it becomes your responsibility to provide useful, catchy and appealing content to your audience in the form of a variety of high-quality PPC ads.