How to increase Google ranking for free

8 Quick SEO tips to increase Google ranking for free

Google, since its inception, has always been focussing on a single goal: making the most useful information on any world subject available to all, in no time following anyone’s search.

How to increase Google ranking for free?

On page and off page SEO are the two biggest aspects of web design for estores, one should focus upon, in order to improve your search engine rankings, and to get more traffic every day, with no penalties. Let us get on with some the most important SEO tips which can help you uplift your website on the search engines.

SEO Tips to increase Google ranking for free!

Know your current ranking.

    • There are plenty of tools to help you with this. Of the free SEO tools online, gives you the keyword rank of your site, when you feed in a specific keyword and your site URL.
    • It tells you where you stand in the rank and the first web page of your site that gets shown on the specific keyword search.
    • It gives you the Top 250 results, cost per click data, search volume information
    • You can get your analysis results based on domain, device and location.

Next is to know your site speed; slow sites don’t attract Google!

    • Google doesn’t care how great your website on page SEO is or how great your content is if your site is taking ages to load data. Believe me, conversions have known to go down even for load time increase from one second to four seconds.
    • Google PageSpeed Insights is one Of the free SEO tools online for speed check. Once you feed in the URL, it gives you the results in three parts: what’s great, what’s to be worked upon for sure, and what can be considered for modifications for betterments.
    • WebPage Test, Pingdom Website Speed Test, Rigor are a few more, on the list. Pingdom gives you the site load time, and your site performance grade so you can make out if you need to work on better performances or good to go.

Check the site health at regular intervals

    • Google penalty checker tool, among the free SEO tools online, brings you the insight on why you’ve been penalized.
    • Next comes your site domain age. The older your domain is and the older sites pointing to your domain get, you see a higher ranking. You may want to check your site domain age with an SEO tool here.

Organic traffic analysis

    • When people reach you by Google, you’re good to go
    • On page SEO and direct traffic occupies the top most position in lead generation.
    • Referrals, paid search and social media connect follow them.
    • Check out the Google Analytics tool to know how many visit your site. It’s simple; register for the tool, put in your tracking ID on all your web pages and then you get your site health information from the results.

Analyze which keyword contributes to a high conversion

    • SerpScan is a tool to tell you which are all those keywords that have sent a high amount of traffic to your site
      • It checks your site ranking twice a day and alerts you on big changes.
      • Feed in a specific location and it gives you the SERP results for the location. This helps if you want to judge your SEO service for companies in a location
      • It helps you with competitor keyword information so you know how to stay ahead of the queue
      • It gives you periodical reports and alerts for the data you request.
    • Make sure to include more commercial keywords in your site content, in addition to the informational keyword you may have.
      • Phrases including terms like buy, purchase, discount, deal, offer come under commercial keyword terms. They get the highest searches of all.
      • Words like how to, read here, know now what to do and so fall under informational search terms
    • Setting up SEO dashboards is necessary to track these metrics. Google Analytics with Google webmaster tools helps in keyword analysis and dashboard setups.

Track if you been penalized by Google

    • Use the tools available (Open Site Explorer, Open Link Profiler), to find out your site inbound links.
    • Unique active backlinks from various IP addresses affect your Google ranking. One should have these links, dofollow links and nofollow links in a combination for the best linking.
    • One should know to which industry his site belongs to, in order to keep the best backlinks and cut the rest
    • When your site’s link influence score (the score due to backlinks) is great, it tells your linked pages are excellent
    • Anchor text manipulation to get high search ranks is caught and penalized.
    • Make sure to remove all types of unhealthy links: sites on nonvarying IP class address, domains with less traffic, and more. Make use of the available tools (Monitor Backlinks, Linkquidator) to achieve the same
    • You can manually contact the site owner to remove the bad backlinks or use Google disavow tool to stop those backlinks from passing the traffic to your site

Anchor text distribution matters

    • Anchor texts should match the targeted keyword.
    • It’s great if the anchor text contains the keyword as such
    • Anchor texts containing the brand name are good too
    • You can even combine anchor texts with keywords where appropriate.

Over optimization can cause penalties

    • Dont overload anchor texts with keywords
    • Suffix or prefix your keywords with relevant phrases to make them different
    • When you connect anchor texts to sites not relevant at all, you’re sure to be punished with penalties

Do your keyword research right. Make sure to have great content. Have stunning headings and sub titles in your content to convince the users. Make sure to have prominent CTAs where needed.

This is the crux of free SEO analysis tips and we believe you now have an overall idea on how to do SEO for websites step by step. Get a Free SEO Audit Report of your website

Should you require help on how to make your site SEO with a minimum budget and less external assistance, our experts are here to guide you.