Long Tail Keywords

The importance of Long Tail Keywords for eCommerce

Before we read on the importanceof long tail keywords for eCommerce, it’s important we know how they are different from broad keywords. As the name states, broad keywords are just a broader version of head keywords. Head keywords are derived from the exact title of an item, for a coffee bean pack, ‘coffee’ could be the head keyword which when searched is sure to generate 1000s of results; broad keyword terms could be “ coffee beans” which is still going to display loads of results like buy coffee beans online, medium roasted coffee bean nearby, vacuum pack coffee bean and more. Thus broad keywords are more generic to your business; they invite a huge search volume and face a big competition. These are less likely to get high ranks, get intended audience in traffic and to generate leads. How about “medium roast coffee bean vacuum pack”? Someone searching for this, is very particular in what he wants and more probable to make the buy. Isn’t it?

Long Tail Keywords for eCommerce are more specific, have a low search volume and hence less competition; these are highly necessary to get good rankings and to create leads. They are formed by more than 3 or 4 words made into a single phrase describing the specific product. They may gather initial less traffic but more targeted and likely to give higher conversions in organic searches. When a searcher types “automation”, he’s not sure what he’s looking for but when he searches for “automation tools online buy”, he’s very keen on the buy and is sure to do a purchase.

A well known New York’s best selling author quotes he generates more than 90% higher number of visitors, by using long tail keywords. You may doubt how specific keywords may be used as search terms by internet users. May be you’re right; long tail keywords may not show up in top few results when people do generic searches but don’t you doubt those generic searchers’ intent to buy or create a lead? This is exactly what we’re trying to tell you. Long tail keywords for eCommerce, well researched and created after in depth analysis of target audience and website goal, are sure to attract lead generating customers, growing the fame of your brand!

How do you research for long tail keywords/ how to use long tail keywords? Keep the ground rule in you, it’s “the lengthier the better”. Google keyword planner helps you,

  • It gives you keyword ideas when you feed in your main or seed keyword.
  • Choose the keyword closest to your niche and the most relevant to your goals
  • Use this chosen word or phrase in the search box to get your long tail suggestions
  • 7search is a website you may check

It’s very important you keep in mind that the highest priority of google is to give the best information in the user friendly manner to internet searchers; google ranks those websites solving user problems, high. This answers how to use long tail keywords. Quite obviously, you frame your long tail keywords that a user would have in mind if he wants your product. So, stand in a searchers shoe, think of those instances he would need your product, rummage for the search term in his view and create long tail keywords out of it.

Next comes informational and commercial keywords within long tail. If you are an estore businessman selling products and services, we’re sure you want profit in your bank balance. That means you should think commercial. Buy, purchase, discount, offer, grab, shipping, order are all a few examples of commercial keywords.

To mention on a few long tail keywords tools,

  • google auto complete grabs the first place among free tools.
  • for more technical details like CPC, number of searches and more, check out the higher version of google auto complete from keyworddominator.
  • HitTail is a paid tool, but worth the pay for business blog sites and eCommerce sites.
  • WordTracker is a tool which gives you details for keywords in anchor texts, effectiveness index and more
  • UberSuggest, LongTail pro, SEMRUSH, Toolfeast, SECockpit and a lot more tools are available online: some paid and some free.

Hope you now have a good idea on why long tail keywords for eCommerce, how to use long tail keywords and long tail keyword tools online. Should you require expert assistance on doing the right list of LT keywords for your business, ask us now!