How to Use Instagram to Promote your Online Business

How to Use Instagram to Promote your Online Business

Brand awareness is a term that is discussed a lot now a day. This has been the mantra of success for all the online or offline businesses. But are you aware of this? Do you know how it can be achieved? If no, do not lose hope as today we are going to discuss how you can bring your business to stability and later on make it a success.


Most of the companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Macy’s etc are so competent that they have made their hold over the market as well as the Google search engine. Whatever you search for these are the sites that display on the top. We know their SEO is good and they have lots and lots of money to spend on marketing. But, what about those who are the owners of small businesses? Should they be insecure and discouraged because they are not filthy rich? No, there is another platform that can help you perform the same way as the big companies are. That is social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., are the social media platforms that are preferred by people who want brand awareness at a low budget. Why do we prefer them over others? Because more than 500 million people are using these sites. You can find more than 50% of the people from the described statics live anytime. Let’s pick up one of the platforms today and that is Instagram which has already got limelight On the web.

Instagram marketing for online retailers is preferable due to the following reasons:

  • It manifests the posts as a story (which obviously sounds cool).
  • Easy to use.
  • About 300 million people are active on Instagram.
  • Above all, it is connected to one of the famous and overly accessed platform that is Facebook. Whatever you post on Instagram reflects immediately over Facebook.

As we got to know why it should be used, let us discuss, “Instagram marketing tips for e-commerce businesses.”


  1. Shortlist the images that define you

The brand marketing on Instagram has been a piece of cake now. Post an image and it will be viral instantly. People can be easily reached to make them aware of your brand. But while doing so, do not forget to use images that really attract users. They should of good quality and, above all, they must be related to your brand. Inappropriate images can result in the downfall of the users following you.


  1. Do not divert from the path

Instagram marketing for online retailers has proved its worth on the web. When you are available online and want to introduce a new product, you can straight away introduce your product on Instagram. People will get to know the product in a short span of time. But also make sure you stick to what you do. Do not deviate from the path by posting irrelevant content in an ongoing story. It will result in abandonment of the account by the users.


  1. Get your Instagram business account today

Instagram also provide accounts for business purpose with some features.  This is one of the  “Instagram marketing tips for e-commerce businesses” that has proved its worth in the business world. While opting for this, always make sure that the company account is different from the personal account. Your account should be 100% professional.


  1. Post attractive posts and hashtags

We all know Instagram is all about stories. The idea of using Instagram stories for brand marketing is a great idea. Different videos can be posted on the platform. But it must be made sure that whatever you post should be captivating that the user does not give a second thought before following.

Another aspect of brand marketing on Instagram is a hashtag. As keyword is to Google, a hashtag is to Instagram. So, create a hashtag that is related to the business.


  1. Find out the perfect timing for posts

When using Instagram stories for brand marketing, always make sure the time you are posting them. Timing matters for every business. Get to know the timings when the users interested in your business are live. Post your content at that time.