Top 10 Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Top 10 Keyword Research Tools for SEO

SEO has been an integral part of an online business. One of the ways to achieve is by using keyword techniques. Managing keywords is no more a big deal. A number of keywords research tools are available online for keyword search to plan your SEO strategy. These tools help in generating keywords according to the topic with the help of Google autocomplete. Keyword suggestion tool creates a particular keyword after figuring outs the web strategies.
Below are 10 of the best keywords research tools for SEO that helps you grow your business.

It is a Keyword suggestion tool that generates more than 750 long-tail keywords for every single search. Also, it is a reliable tool that works all the time, unlike Google keyword planner. A few tools only allow you to access when you create an account, but it does not require any signup to use it.

• It is available free of cost.
• Does not require signup.
• Reliable.

2. Google Correlate
Google Correlate is a search pattern Keyword generator. With this, you can easily find out the keywords mostly used in a particular time series and according to the area like if you stay in the US, you can check the keyword by appending the US with it. The result would be the popular keywords used in this country.

• Free of cost.
• Entering data series returns a list of queries.
• Data can be uploaded on time and state basis.

This Keyword generator is available for free for 14 days. After that, the charges are $150. It is different from the other tools as here instead of seed keyword URL of the website is required. SEMRUSH provides both short-tail and long-tail keywords.

• Provides search engine report.
• Shows stats of traffic.
• Free of cost (for 14 days.)

4. Google Suggest
We all have seen the working of this Google feature, but most of us are unaware of this. Whenever we write a keyword in Google search, we see some suggestions in the drop down and at the bottom of the page. This content is basically the collection of keywords related to the search.

• Free of cost.
• Easy to use.

5. Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner is one of the Free keywords research tools for SEO that returns a filtered keyword list. You might be familiar with this tool. It asks for the product description, landing page, product category, targeting areas, etc., to generate keywords. Once the keywords are generated you can download the CSV file with 800+ keywords.

• Filtered search.
• Can set breakdowns as per location.

6. Google Trends
This tool helps in comparing two keywords on the basis of their popularity. Whenever a keyword is searched for, it displays all the keywords that are related to it. Once the most used keywords are known they will definitely attract more traffic to the site. Thus, it can be also named as Google keyword traffic tool.

• Gives the suggestion of the trending topics.
• Suggests topics as per geography.

7. LongTailPro
This is the most popular and cloud-based software. Though all the tools mentioned provide nice keywords, but this tool also has a competition checker with which you can easily know the exact keyword that needs to be used.

• With the platinum version, you can get the feature of detailed keyword analysis.
• Can export keywords.

8. SpyFu
It is another tool for getting SEO keywords. SpyFu helps in analysis of data and understanding the SEO competition of competition.

• Helps in comparing the module of the website.
• Gives better understanding of module for keyword history.

9. SECockpit
SECockpit is another SEO rank-enhancing software that is best for site planning.

• Provides keyword ideas with the help of Google Search, Youtube, and Amazon.
• Generates PDF report.

10. WordTracker
It is used to build links and strategies SEO platform. WordTracker is much better than Google keyword traffic tool as it provides additional features that are not available on Google and that are:
• SEO completion metrics
• Live chat customer service
• Negative keyword search