How to Improve Local Search Rankings for E-commerce

How to Improve Local Search Ranking for E-commerce

Till now, you must be reading a lot about SEO, but are you aware of “Local SEO”? It is considered more valuable to the small businesses who want to concentrate on the local market. The investment on this is really small that is another advantage of Local SEO. But now the process has been a bit difficult as Google has reduced the number from 7 to 3 for local packs. Here are ways you can improve your local search engine rankings for e-commerce.

Though the local search ranking process has been difficult, still intelligent minds have found out different ways to make it simple. Down there are a few points that need to be considered to increase local ranking on Google:

Add the information to other directories
We all are aware of Google local search. While registering for Google, do not forget to register on the other website called Moz Local to use the other prominent social media directories like Facebook, Bing, SuperPages and Yelp.

Avoid duplicity
Creating multiple listing for the same company and address to increase Local ranking on Google is a bad idea. Instead of improving the rank, it may result in a downfall.

Try to add your area wherever possible on the website in proper format
Including your address on the website creates a nice impact on the user. But to improve the local rank, try to add the address wherever possible on the website like on the about us page, contact us page. Also, embed Google map on the website with the address to rank high on Google maps. When you do so, Google becomes sure that the place you have mentioned is genuine.

Do not use inconsistent NAP
NAP stands for name, address, and phone. To rank high on Google maps, NAP should be provided in a consistent manner.

For example, if you have mentioned an address like, 25-360 ABC colony, Jamaica, use it in the same format everywhere. Making a single difference like 25-360, ABC Street, Jamaica is a bad practice. In the case of phone number also write the number in the same format. Do not consider (712) 569-8790 as 712-569-8790 or 712.569.8790.

Showcase positive reviews
Adding positive feedback is a good practice. The more reviews you have on Google, the better it is for your website. So, ask the satisfied customers to drop a feedback every time they use your service.

Optimize Google my business ranking
It is necessary for a website to register itself and verify the details to rank high on Google my business ranking. Always make sure that the correct address, phone number, and website URL are provided. Moreover, add the images of the staff, location, etc. Having a complete profile is an add-on.

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