Marketing and Search Trends that ruled in 2016

Marketing and Search Trends that ruled in 2016

There is only one thing that remains constant in the world of search and that is ‘Change’. Technology is developing faster than ever – Google and Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are all the forces which are driving this changes. Almost, every fortnight there is an update in search or social media which changes the way it has all been working so far and necessitates new methods of marketing to the customers.

To succeed in this fast developing world of one need’s to adapt to updates and churn out effective marketing strategies. Let’s have a look at the top search and marketing trends that ruled in 2016.

Mobile is the way forward

75.1% of users access the internet on mobile in the US .

Mobile has emerged as a winner from the entire lot marketing trends and hence deserves to be on top. Mobile has become the darling of industries such as media & e-commerce and majority of them have taken up the mobile-first approach in planning their marketing strategies.

Since Google’s Mobilegeddon update in 2015, having a responsive website which adapts to multiples devices became mandatory in order to get better rankings in the mobile SERPs.  Mobile traffic outperformed desktop traffic in 2015 and having a responsive website is no longer an option for online businesses anymore.

Voice search gaining momentum

Cortana, Siri & Alexa are the debutants of voice search and gave the world a glimpse of the upcoming age of artificial intelligence. They are getting better and better and it has become imperative for marketers to evolve and adapt to the changes.  Getting on position #0 is what matters in voice search and focus on long tail keywords, mostly question based such as when, how, what and more.

Long form content on Social Media

E-commerce sales from social media grew by 202% in 2014 and expected to further increase.

The concept of using social media for short and quick to consume content is changing. Businesses are shifting towards using long form content on various social media platforms in order to promote their brand.  LinkedIn publisher, Facebook notes are available for marketers to make use of long and informative content to engage the audience.

Optimizing the apps

82% of the time spent on mobile is via apps

Having an app is not enough if you go by the popularity that apps are generating these days. There 2.2 million apps available on Play store and running close to it is Apple store with 2 million apps to choose from. Getting your app visible to your target audience requires some strong optimization to get the most out of it.

Video content is the most preferred content

Internet video traffic will grow 80% by 2020

Consumers prefer visual content over reading the text. It is no surprise that video is coming up as the most engagement generating content form on the internet. Thanks to the rise of mobile and easy to share functionalities, the popularity of videos has increased manifolds.

Video content has a lot of steam to propel your brand to reach out to your audience rapidly. Video content is here to stay for a long time and if you haven’t started yet, get moving.

Local SEO is still relevant and significant

Local SEO has still not lost its position of being a significant factor contributing to your SEO efforts. It has changed over the years in some ways however if you want people to find you in local SERPs make sure your local SEO is in place.

Listing, reviews, and the citation have a lot of potentials to increase your reach if you are targeting customers locally.

On-page SEO opens new doors

Link building has changed for the better. A lot low-quality sites were knocked down after the Google Panda update to bring high-quality content on top for the users. Gone are days of stacking up your website with purchased links. Now it is all about high-quality links that will establish your authority in terms of providing content with utmost value.

The search landscape is always in a state of flux and we are sure to witness some new trends in the coming year. The above will keep you remain ahead of the pack and get prepared for the new updates which will call for new strategies.