meta descriptions that generate clicks

How to write meta descriptions that generate clicks

When google mentioned its algorithms aren’t using meta description tags for ranking the sites, it never meant what some of you may think on brushing them aside forever. Do you know meta description tags matter a lot for the on-page SEO?

Do you know how to create meta descriptions that generate clicks?

If you say no, let’s get into details here.

Well, what is meta title? A meta title is the site title you see embedded in the link or URL of any website that is displayed in the search engine results page. It’s also carried over to get displayed in the name of a page tab in browsers, ideally. If you save or bookmark the page, the name in which it gets saved by default is this meta title.

The descriptions you see below every URL are the meta descriptions in search results. As the name suggests, where the description (meta description) contains the keyword in the title (meta title), google is sure to show the description in SERPS. Recommended meta description length is 160 characters; this is given the name ‘snippet’ which is a tag in HTML.

Let’s talk on the connect between meta description and search engine rankings so we know to design those meta descriptions that generate clicks,

  • It’s not the meta description but it’s the user behavior or the search words used often, that go into the search algorithm
  • Meta descriptions impact click through rates from SERPS and CTRs affect the ranking; thus CTR is among those ranking factors one cannot afford to ignore when targeting high sales.
  • The website URL, the meta title, and the meta description are all totally influencing a user’s choice to click on a website in SERP.

What are the SEO good practices to instigate a user to click on your website?

  • While it’s necessary to note that important keywords need not go into the meta descriptions, it’s also trustworthy to realize that click through rates depends on what’s in the meta descriptions.
  • Don’t go for more than 150-160 characters in the description.
  • Don’t have duplicate meta tags and meta descriptions.
  • Very rarely it’s fine not to have meta descriptions when your site has a lot of different varieties of text from various fields loaded in one shot.
  • Make sure to include words in the description in such a way it explains your vision clearly to users. The users should get the answer for “why should I click on this site?”.
  • Call to action deals like “check our trail pack now for more” make an impression!
  • It sometimes works to include credible names of vendors or products or services in descriptions. But this is a minor one so don’t let it dominate the other important aspects.
  • Beware of Google Adwords. Make sure you write convincing descriptions that even override what Google Adwords show off.
  • Social media looks for the descriptions when sharing your site. Don’t miss out the opportunity to get exposed.
  • Make sure to write explanatory, convincing, attractive, easy worded, short-length and powerful meta descriptions, for they are those meta descriptions that generate clicks!

We think a few meta description examples are required to make things clearer. Here below,

This one is the best in the meta description length.

Meta Description Length


This one is the best in the meta description length.

Active Voice


This one uses an active voice hence persuading the users.
This is one of the descriptions that don’t convince users as it doesn’t make any sense. Note that it is created by google picking up the content felt relevant by it; this is because there’s no meta description originally offered by the site..

We’re sure you now know why meta description help in generating click through impacting page rankings and thus is an important aspect of SEO. Should you have more questions or need help to write meta descriptions that generate clicks, experts at QeAgency wait to address; contact us now.