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Online Reputation Management: 5 Simple Ways to Deal With Fake Negative Reviews

You must have gone through our previous blog about social media optimization tips to enhance your online reputation. But, if there are even a few fake negative reviews posted for your business, then these social media tips might not help you.

Fake negative reviews have become a big problem these days, especially for small business owners. Nowadays, it has become quite easy to create fake accounts and post reviews without disclosing personal identity regardless of whether you have experienced their products and services or not.

There are many policies introduced by Google as far as fake reviews are concerned. But, at times it is difficult for them to detect the violations of those policies.

The best remedy to this problem would be to regularly check the reviews posted for your company online and if you find any fake reviews you need to handle those reviews in a tactful manner.

If you want to keep your online reputation intact, you need to follow these simple ways to deal with fake negative reviews –

Remove Negative Reviews

Removing negative reviews from any third party website is not easy as it seems to be. Generally, the review sites have very strict guidelines as far as negative reviews are concerned. They let those reviews displayed only when they find them genuine. Thus, you need to prove that those fake reviews have been posted by your rivals or fake reviewers then only the review site would remove that negative content.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Responding to negative reviews is one of the most useful tools you can use. When you respond to a fake negative review in a quite polite manner, you automatically decrease the adverse effect of that particular review. Even if you know that that review is fake, respond it in a polite manner and provide a sensible solution. This would help you in forming a good impression on your potential clients.

Bury Negative Reviews

This is the smartest way to overcome the challenge thrown by fake negative reviews. You can bury a handful of negative reviews by flowing in a plethora of positive reviews. All you need is to ensure that your positive reviews don’t seem to be fake. Keep the content of your positive reviews as natural as possible and get them posted through different accounts and IPs.

Sharing on Social Media

Found a very obvious fake negative review for your business? Share it on social media showing that whoever is behind this fake review wants to damage your business. Make that negative review look extremely fake and try to get the positive response from your audience. This would possibly reduce the adverse effect of that negative review and at the same time gain popularity for your business.

Free Giveaways in Lieu of Positive Reviews

Nothing can be better than gaining positive reviews to reduce the effect of negative reviews. Offer discounts or giveaways to your customers in lieu of positive reviews. For example, you can provide straight away 20% discount to your customers posting a positive review about your business. This would help you in reducing the adverse effect caused due to negative reviews.

Would Dealing With Fake Negative Reviews Help In Online Reputation Management?

The answer to this question would be obviously yes. 88% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. If the reviews posted for your business are negative, then forget profits, you will not be able to survive your business.

In that case, no matter how smart your SEO and digital marketing strategy is, if your potential customers find negative reviews for your business, they would never convert.

To keep your business growing, online reputation management is very important and only positive reviews can help you in doing that.