Online Reputation Management & your e-Branding

Business promotion and e-Branding is a very important and sought-after SEO practise and what better way than by doing a great Online Reputation Management. Reputation Management strategies are way different than your normal to high SEO practise. Here there are two important factors that are dealt with:

  1. Removing the negative media/Critical/Criticism articles that gives out a wrong or incorrect projection of you as a business
  2. Creating Positive articles/ blogs/ images/ videos, etc., that explicitly gives out the good points of your business
  3. Promote and create an effective strategy so that these new contents remain afloat on at least first five pages of Google Search Results

Reputation Management comes to rescue where in a business or a particular business niche wants to quickly come up and due to contemporary market analysis has acquired a negative reputation.

Generally, the negative media is of stronger domains, specifically being on discussion forums and blogs. Few factors like:

  • Number of Followers
  • Domain Age
  • Back-link sites
  • Trending & Popularity
  • Higher Page Ranks

These are some of the obvious reasons why getting rid of the negative media is essential. Once the negative media is pushed down, we need to create more web properties on article directories, forums and make web 2.0 properties.

The Effect:

New Brand and New Results:

Lots of positive articles and content on the result page of Search Engines, gives clientele a positive energy regarding the business that they are going for.

Brand Consciousness:

Customers looking for obvious switch among the same niche get a new and fresh store to look up to. Your brand is of great help for them to decide what they want to go for.

Effective Marketing:

Reputation Management is an easy step way towards effective marketing. A new type of product can be easily launched and a healthy market can be created for it in the beginning itself. This gives easy business monopoly.

Cost-effective Turnaround:

What with the greater part of the world population on the internet, the number of people for any business are always looking for something different and new. The investment on marketing in such case is pretty much easy and you can actually get a better return on what you have given at a marginal rate.

Reputation Management has helped many a businesses to reach to a better alternative than when they started due to apparent positive nature of the strategies and content pushed on the Search Results.