3 Simple Ways to Find Negative Keywords in Adwords

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Inside every AdWords account there is a report which shows the exact search query that searchers typed into Google Adwords that searchers typed into Google before clicking on a specific ad. It’s called the Search... Read More...

By Nora Curtis

How to Use Facebook Ads to Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers

facebook ads

You have your audience on Facebook and if you are looking for customer loyalty tips, you’ve landed on the right article. This article shows how can you use Facebook ads to turn new customers into... Read More...

By Scott Atkins

9 Full Proof Tips to Rank Your Website in 2018


In such a competitive market, it is hard to rank your website on the desired level in the SERPs. However, it is new year and new year means new challenges. Here is a full proof... Read More...

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By Brad Hicks

11 Social Media Stories of the Week That Will Made Waves


What does Facebook’s new engagement bait means to you? What name Amazon just trademarked, and why YouTube should be worried; Here are some of the top social media stories that created a stir this week.... Read More...

By Scott Atkins

Top Web Designs Trends That Will Slay in 2018

web design trends

Web designing is trending but is subjected to lot of fads, fashions and whims. So what’s coming in 2018? Here are few website designs that will rock in 2018. Read More... Read More...

By Ashley Walker

6 Content Marketing Metrics and How to Improve Them

content marketing

We live in a world where customers can engage with us in real time. And with this comes an expectation of delivering the best experience possible. In this article, six best content engagement metrics are... Read More...

By Nora Curtis

Expert’s Opinion: Top Rocking Social Media Trends of 2018

social media trends

The biggest social media trends of 2017 included video, influencer marketing, and bots. Now it’s time to gear up for 2018. Here are the most important 2018 social media trends you need to know to... Read More...

By Brad Hicks

Gear Up for 2018 With These Enlightening SEO Techniques

seo techniques

Google algorithms are updating with time and we also have to maintain our pace with them. Trends like mobile optimization and machine learning are on and we also need to keep ourselves at par. Here... Read More...

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By Nora Curtis

Search Trends That Rocked the Boat in 2017 (and What You Can Learn From Them in 2018)

search trends

How to lay a table? How to use a bottle? These are some of those numerous questions that a searcher will search to get the relevant answers. But with each passing year, search trends have... Read More...

By Ashley Walker

10 Important Ingredients to Make your Social Media Marketing Successful

Social Media Marketing

71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand is likely to recommend it to others. Every year social media users are increasing and it is not at all... Read More...

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By Qe Agency