The importance of Long Tail Keywords for eCommerce

Long Tail Keywords

Before we read on the importanceof long tail keywords for eCommerce, it’s important we know how they are different from broad keywords. As the name states, broad keywords are just a broader version of head... Read More...

By Brad Hicks

8 Quick SEO tips to increase Google ranking for free

How to increase Google ranking for free

Google, since its inception, has always been focussing on a single goal: making the most useful information on any world subject available to all, in no time following anyone’s search. How to increase Google ranking... Read More...

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By Brad Hicks

Steps to integrate social sharing on your blog and increase your reach

social sharing

Social media is one of the most important content distribution channels. You must be having great content on your blog however to increase its reach you need social sharing buttons on your blog. Here is... Read More...

By Scott Atkins

6 Content marketing strategies that can have the biggest impact on your rankings

Content marketing strategies

Content marketing strategies can have a huge impact on your keyword rankings. Now content marketing is a very broad subject with many strategies involved. Here are the 6 top content marketing strategies which can impact... Read More...

By Nora Curtis

How to tackle with duplicate content issues to increase SEO performance

Duplicate content issues

The biggest roadblock in generating organic traffic to a retailer website is duplicate content issues. Now if you thought that siphoning through so many pages to detect duplicate content is next to impossible, here is... Read More...

By Brad Hicks

Google shutting down “Site Search” and here are your other options

Site Search

Google is shutting down its long standing product Google Site Search. Come April 1, 2017 Google will stop renewal of the site search service and exactly a year later i.e. on April 1, 2018 it... Read More...

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By Ashley Walker

The Impact of Reviews on your Online Reputation & Revenue [Infographic]

Impact of Reviews on your online reputation and revenue

Reviews hold a lot of power when it comes to your online reputation and revenue. Right from a detailed product review to merely the star ratings have a huge impact on your brand and your... Read More...

By Qe Agency

5 Videos of Matt Cutts sharing some great SEO insights

Matt Cutt’s SEO guide

Matt Cutts, currently with United States Digital Systems and very well known for heading the web spam team at Google in past, has inscribed his name in SEO, by his expert talks and provisions of... Read More...

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By Nora Curtis

Easy steps to optimize your blog post for the search engines

optimize your blog post

Writing a great blog and optimizing it the right way can bring in great results for your web traffic. Blog post optimization is one of the SEO basics and to get your article seen by... Read More...

By Scott Atkins

How to create a perfect mix of organic and paid Facebook marketing strategy

Facebook marketing strategy

Facebook organic reach has decreased big time since 2012 and has made it kind of mandatory for businesses to implement paid Ads in their Facebook marketing strategy. Here are some great tips to help you... Read More...

By Nora Curtis