Mobile-First Index

SEO: Preparing for Mobile-First Index Being Introduced in 2018

As per a recent study, the time spent on mobile from 2016 to 2017 increased by 7 minutes, moreover, the time spent on desktop decreased by 1 minute and TV viewing decreased by 5 minutes.

Now, this clearly states that people are using their smartphones for almost everything. From booking movie tickets to buying grocery online, everything is done through mobile. The whole world is at your fingertips now!!!

Now, when most of the searches are done through mobiles, Google would be listing a website on top of SERPs based on the mobile experience it is providing. For this reason, Google is going to launch its Mobile-First Algorithm according to which mobile-friendliness would be the first criteria to rank a website on the top.

If you are not providing up to the mark mobile experience to your visitors, then you better start focusing on that as it would help you in staying ahead of the curve.

How to Prepare for Mobile-First Index?

Regardless of what other SEO experts say, one thing is for sure that Mobile-First Index is going to get launched by Google very soon and your business website can get lower rankings if it is not responsive or mobile compatible.

Get Website Converted to Responsive

If you have already converted your website to responsive, which is serving mobiles and desktops with the same URL, then your rankings might not change. The reason behind this is that your website is providing a comfortable browsing experience to your users no matter which platform or device they are using.

If you don’t have a responsive website, then get your website converted to responsive today!!!

Get Mobile Site Developed

If you have a separate website developed for mobile devices, then that would really help you in getting your website ranked on top. But, is your mobile site having a limited navigation structure and content just designed for mobile users? If yes, then that would be an issue for a great user experience and Google might not consider your website.
Ensure that your website has exactly the same content and navigation as you have on your desktop site. If your mobile site is developed as per Google’s specified instructions for mobile sites, then you might not experience high ranking issues.

Having a mobile site with incomplete content would be better than not having a mobile site at all!!!

Mobile-First Index: What Should Be Done Now?

There are a plethora of unanswered questions related to mobile-first index by Google. When it is going to launch and what exactly is its criterion to rank the website in mobile search, has still got revealed completely.

You know it takes a long time to prepare a strategy, design and develop a new website. Before Google breaks its silence on Mobile-First Index, it would be smart to plan improvements on your mobile site or get your website converted to responsive. Be prepared for the future changes Google is going to bring and achieve success in terms of search engine ranking, driving traffic and ultimately high conversions.