Video Promotion

Significance of Youtube Video Promotion in Content Marketing

As per video marketing statistics 2017, 63% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool. But why has Youtube video promotion become an important part of a content marketing strategy?

Let’s know why….

  • 90% of online buyers make buying decisions after viewing product videos.
  • 36% of online consumers consider video ads as trustworthy.
  • A video has 53 times more chances than a text-based article to rank on 1st page of Google.
  • Every month, the average online user spends around 16 minutes in watching video ads.

To further elaborate, let us discuss 7 reasons which influence us to include video promotion in our content marketing strategy.

Videos Can Boost Sales

As per the video marketing report 2017 by wyzowl – 83% of businesses believe that video gives them a good ROI.

There is a reason behind videos boosting sales. The vision of a moving objects or pictures, attract the attention of viewers and keep them engaged. The information in the visual form is transmitted easily to the human brain. Moreover, if emotion is added to a video, it can be highly effective to sales conversions.

It is a common psychology of a buyer that he/she is likely to buy a product if the video content is emotional even if it is not highly informative.

Trust Gets Built Through Videos

Gone are the days when content online had only one purpose and that is selling. This new era in content marketing demands to build trust and forming a long-term relationship with the customers.

Still, many buyers resist from buying products online as they are scared of getting duped in terms of receiving bad quality products at high prices. Videos showing how to use the product or the complete specification of the product is likely to build the trust among the buyers.

57% of consumers say that the videos help them to buy with confidence.

Videos Can Improve Search Engine Ranking

If you have a video embedded in your content, obviously the user would spend more time on your website or blog. The longer viewing time of the content gives the signal to the search engines that your content is of high quality and informative. Thus, your content can achieve higher search engine ranking.

As Youtube is owned by Google, you can make out the importance of promoting video on Youtube.

All you need to ensure is that you have promoted your video in the most effective manner by writing a catchy title and description to the video you are promoting.

Videos Can Attract Smartphone Users

The smartphone users are increasing day by day and watching videos on the go is highly preferred. As per Google, 50% of Youtube videos are watched through mobile devices.

So, you just cannot miss out this valuable segment of the audience who are more likely to view, like and share your video ads and increase your brand popularity.

Videos Can Explain Complex Concepts

Launching a new product or service? Want to explain the specifications and working with a complex product? If yes, then nothing can be better than a video with the demo of that product.

Animated videos can explain even the complex concepts easily to the viewers and help them in making purchase decisions.

As per 2016 statistics, 45% businesses using videos as their marketing tool said that they have included an explainer video on their home page. Among those businesses, 83% of them found homepage explainer video to be highly effective.

Videos Motivate Sharing on Social Media Platforms

Anybody watching a video and feeling related to that video or finding that video entertaining is likely to share it on different social media platforms. This can increase the visibility of your video and ultimately enhance your brand popularity.

All you need is to keep in mind that people share emotions and not facts. Nowadays, brands create videos which are funny, entertaining or emotional having hidden motive of selling something in a smart manner so that the video gets shared a maximum number of times and becomes viral.

Videos Keep even the Lazy Users Engaged

The content of the video is quite easy to grasp when compared to a textual article. There are many people who don’t like reading long informative articles just to know how to use a particular product.

The consumers these days like to watch the actual demonstration of the product before buying it. Thus, a video can motivate even the lazy users to gather the information about the product and buy it.

Youtube Video Promotion – How to Make It Effective?

After going through these 7 reasons, the question arising in your mind would be how to go about creating an effective video which can win billions of hearts.

Creating good videos for promoting products require a proper blend of creativity and knowledge of human psychology. The right proportion of information, facts, and emotions can lead you towards creating effective videos which can prove to be highly remunerative for your business.