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How to use social bookmarking to generate high quality traffic

What is social bookmarking? It’s a way of storing, organizing, fetching (searching) and managing the bookmarks of web pages. One can save the web pages they like, in social bookmarking sites, as an online storage, unlike the localized bookmarking in one’s own browser which gets wiped off during cookie deletion.

Most social bookmarking sites expect one to add the web page link and title for bookmarking while meta description and meta tags aren’t mandatory. When tags and keywords are stored in bookmarking sites, they become visible to other users thus creates a network! Originating in 1996, as a simple back-linking and saving mechanism of sites for future use, today, it has taken a wholly different face of being a dominating factor in SEO strategy for eStores.

What are the social bookmarking SEO benefits & how to do social bookmarking step by step?

  • Social bookmarking websites are one of the top most sources of information picked up by search engines for SERPs.
  • Do follow backlinks are gained by our websites from the social bookmarking sites. Backlinks are of two kinds: no follow where google bot is restricted to pick up the external links from your site and do follow where the bot is made to pick up the external links back-linked. Well designed do follow backlinks create higher traffic, higher ranking, improve your Adsense cpc (amount earned every time when users click on your ads) and improve your domain authority.
  • Creating a powerful profile in social bookmarking sites gains you more people, more visits to the bookmarks and thus generates a higher traffic to your website.
  • High-quality backlinks are a must in SEO today. Generation of such backlinks is one of the biggest Social bookmarking SEO benefits.
  • Helps one build an authentic community when properly implemented.
  • Though there’s no limit to the number of web pages you can bookmark in social bookmarking sites, it’s recommended to limit this number to 10-20. SEO experts say the linking of this single web page should be on different bookmarking sites so you get the traffic from all of them.
  • Search engines hate duplicate descriptions whether it be in a website or for the site in social bookmarking sites. Never use one time descriptions for all bookmarking site if you’re keen on SEO benefits. Use the targeted keyword and write a unique and powerful description for every bookmarking submission.
  • Never use the same title across different bookmarking submissions. Make each title unique; may be you can prefix or suffix adjectives and adverbs around your target keywords to create those titles.
  • Never go for a random social bookmarking site; search engines may penalize you for choosing those bookmarking sites created purely for SEO. It’s necessary you pick the best social bookmarking websites, in terms of relevance to your website, stability and quotient of public relations they have in the market.
  • Frame your niche, find out other users of the same niche, find them in the bookmarking sites, like their pages, share their pages and build a community or brand for yourself in the bookmarking sites, rather than simply bookmarking for SEO. This creates a stable position for you in the market; more people get to know you and start following you thus contributing to your site traffic!
  • Submit your website choosing the right category in the bookmarking site, to get identified strongly to the right target audience.
  • Balance your work on keywords, tags and social bookmarking; nerve ignore one or the other among them. Don’t keep yourself bound to a few targeted keywords; use the low competitive keywords too for a better reach.
  • Automating the process of social bookmarking isn’t favourable in view of search engines and also not completely reliable. Never do it.

Let’s take a look at some of the topmost bookmarking websites,

Flickr for photo management

  • Delicious is for bookmarking sites based on tags and keywords which are shown in the feed easy enough for others to follow thus enabling to expand the people base.
  • Digg for sharing internet top stories. Digg along with Delicious is a great combination for those whose websites are shared and voted more; these websites become the Digg homepage thus inviting a lot of traffic
  • Designer News for trends and technology news
  • Flipboard is more like a social magazine which curates the content and presents it in a readable form just like what magazines do. Estore businesses can make the best use of it to project content on their new product launch, and many more business updates.
  • Instapaper to store texts in iPhone or android for later read
  • BizSugar is for businesses to share content which if goes viral then can even become the bookmarking site homepage.
  • LinkedIn Pulse for businessmen and entrepreneurs
  • Metafilter for those who communicate a lot; they get access to share more links
  • Pinterest, Reddit, Pocket, SlideShare, Stumble Upon, Newsvine, Folkd, FARK,, Slashdot and many more good ones are available. Check out details here.

Well, that’s a good amount of detail on social bookmarking SEO benefits and the importance of social bookmarking in SEO? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, experts at QeAgency are available to provide you assistance in choosing the right bookmarking site for you, image optimization for SEO, on page off page SEO and more. Ask us now.