5 Biggest trends that will influence Social Media Marketing in 2017

5 Biggest trends that will influence Social Media Marketing in 2017

Social media users are increasing at a rate of 9% every year and it is assumed that the rate is going to increase as the year’s pass. As we have seen that new technologies and more options are added this year to the social media marketing, it can be said for sure that in the coming year also something new is going to be added to the marketing schemes. But what would be the Biggest trends that will influence Social Media Marketing in 2017? Continue to be the first one to unveil the secret.

Content marketing trends have been on the top list in 2016 with many more marketing skills. As we all are aware of the changes happened last year; now, we are going to discuss the ”Biggest trends that will influence Social Media Marketing in 2017”.

Twitter will lose its fame

When Twitter was launched in the market, it was prominent and people liked it a lot. But as the time is passing, the enhancements made by Twitter are not up to the mark. The features cannot allure people to stay and spend more time on the social media platform. It has been boring. Now, people want something different that can captivate them like Instagram is doing.

More Social media platforms are going to introduce

We all know very well that now in this technology world, companies are working on different ideas to introduce something different that can be the Social media trends for 2017. Earlier, when Facebook was introduced, it has come up with a different motive. But now, it has also added the business prospect to the site. More platforms are going to come up in 2017 that will emphasize on both engagements of people in their brands as well as entertainment of the users.

The Content marketing trends due to these types of social media platforms only, where a brand can easily launch a product with information while enhancing the SEO ranking. It is assumed that for 2017 digital marketing trends, more apps and platforms are going to be introduced that can ease the hectic marketing techniques.

Virtual posts are going to be preferred

There is a very well known phrase-“Action speaks louder than the word.” In our case, when we are talking about Advertising trends 2017, we can say “Videos speak louder than Image.” Now, people believe in what they see. Instead of reading long passages, they like to watch a video. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., have already introduced “the add” video feature which is appreciated by almost all the users. Users have instantly started posting the videos and stories. It is assumed that in 2017, virtual posts would fully overtake the images.

Snapchat is going to be the first choice

Snapchat is going to top the Advertising trends 2017. Snapchat has a nice success story associated with it.

i) It was built with the feature where every time an image is posted it is soon removed.
ii) This feature was not so popular when the app was built. But later on because of the same feature it has been famous among the users.
With the live content and video posting, it will be the Social media marketing trends expected in 2017. It has also given rise to the mobile app development.

Customer service apps are going to rule Social media trends for 2017

24×7 Customer service is no doubt going to be the Biggest trends that will influence Social Media Marketing in 2017. We all are familiar with the term e-store. Instead of going out, we surf for the products we require online. We have started shopping online. But, when a problem occurs with the product or while decision-making customer service comes into the light. We prefer a store that provides customer support instantly. So, looking forward to our requirements, companies are going to provide the apps where users can get answers to their queries instantly. So, no doubt, this service is listed in the top 2017 digital marketing trends.

Social Media is an ever evolving territory. And yet it is a marketing channel which has a huge impact given its reach to millions of people. An effective social media marketing strategy requires marketers to stay current on the latest trends. Time and again we will be back with new emerging trends so stay put and see you soon.

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