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13 Best Facebook Ad Examples Which Actually Worked (With Reasons)

Facebook Ad Examples

With Facebook users increasing each year, it has become necessary for brands to advertise on this biggest social networking platform to gain popularity and benefit financially. Here, you can go throug Read More...

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How to Use Facebook Ads to Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers

facebook ads

You have your audience on Facebook and if you are looking for customer loyalty tips, you’ve landed on the right article. This article shows how can you use Facebook ads to turn new customers into re Read More...

Facebook’s new feature allows you to A/B test your Ads

Facebook’s new feature

Facebook advertising just got better with the new split testing feature. Now you can A/B test your Ads and improve your Ads performances. Here are the steps using which you can pick the Ad that will g Read More...

4 Steps to A/B test your Facebook Video Ads

A/B test your Facebook Video Ads

Video marketing is ruling the roost at present given the high customer engagement it generates for brands. Split testing your video Ads is possible and a must if you want to find out what will perform Read More...

Tips to create your first ever successful Facebook Ad

Tips to create Facebook Ads

Paying to advertise your business does not guarantee results. What would get you the returns on your investment is to create an ad campaign which touches the right chords of your audience and eventual Read More...