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Customers Should Be Your Top Most Priority Says Facebook


Facebook has started a new feedback system in which customers can directly send feedback to the social media giant about their experiences with businesses. A short one tap survey will be available aft Read More...

The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most popular platform to gain engagement. It is a goldmine of opportunity if you know what you’re doing. We’re providing you five power pact tips on Facebook Marketing to help you Read More...

6 Facebook Updates You Need to Know Right Now


Facebook is rolling out several new features. The social networking giant announced the same at its F8 Developer Conference. Here are major takeaways. 1. Facebook is entering into the dating space Fac Read More...

4 Point Checklist: Facebook Insights Helps You Create Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is a representation of your target customers based on demographics, market research, and analysis of your current clientele. You’re probably wondering how Facebook can provide such m Read More...

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Facebook’s Explore Feed is rolling out and here is what’s it all about

Facebook’s Explore Feed is rolling out and here is what’s it all about

Explore feeds is the newbie from Facebook. It is an alternative news feed designed to help users discover content outside of their existing networks, like friends and Pages they already follow. Dive i Read More...

Facebook is challenging Google with new local search features

New Local Search Features

Google has been the biggest search giant with almost little or no competition. However, Facebook seems to be entering the territories which were solely mastered by Google until now. Facebook’s recen Read More...

The Pros and Cons of Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords

Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords

When asked a digital marketing agency on Facebook vs google advertising, in terms of costs, outcomes and long term benefits, they say social media advertising, specially Facebook ads, is sometimes eve Read More...

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5 Tools to create Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Chatbots for website

Facebook messenger bots are entities created, in the form of a list of keywords or menus, with which one can make personalized interactions with the users. Additionally, they help in eliminating the n Read More...