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Voice Search: Your Key to an impactful SEO strategy

There was always something fascinating about futuristic television serials and films. Remember the time when we use to get baffled looking at robots, Hoverboards, continuum transfunctioners, automatic walkways, predictions. These were the inventions that had us waiting eagerly for years. The future seemed bright.

voice search

The technology has advanced tremendously. So does a user’s search habit. Their primary voice assistants people use these days are Google Assistance, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

With the advancement of the technology, leading engineers and leaders have proved out the heed of users towards search engine. Here are some stats which show the same

SEO marketers can’t shy away from the importance of voice search. In 2016, a report from MindMeld found that over 60% of U.S. smartphone users interacted with voice search once during that year.

People love voice search these days

People look up to voice search these days because it is quick to search. Also, it facilitates multitasking. Whether you’re playing cricket, strolling in your house or working, ask a question and you’ll get results in seconds. That’s the power of voice search.

Efforts are taken to align content with the needs of customers by optimizing websites for mobile first indexing and long tail keywords.

Here are some crucial factors you can concentrate on utilizing voice search and creating a killer SEO strategy.

1.Focus on mobile experience

SEO marketers need to consider many aspects of content where publishing relevant content is valuable. Following things needs to be taken into consideration

1. What are the needs of your customers?
2. Where are customers searching for information
3. What search queries are customers using to find answers online?
4. How are customers searching for information?

The future of SEO is much dependent on voice search. Mobile usage has got a surge both in online engagement and voice search.
This means every website now have to take a mobile-first approach. If your site is not optimized for mobile-first, you’ll miss a lot of sales through voice search.

Here’s what you need to do

• Optimize your website site speed for mobile users
Since most of the voice queries come from mobile, you need to optimize your website for mobile users.

• Keep site crawlable
To ensure Google indexes your site and content, your website and its content and resources should be crawlable. Don’t block valuable files with JavasScript, CSS, or the robots.txt file.

• Don’t use flash
Flash is not supported by most of the mobile these days. So you should avoid using this technology.

2. Search engines are using natural language

People use different words, tones to interact with different search engines. Instead of using one word or a short phrase, people tend to use long sentences. Voice search queries tend to use natural language and a conversational tone.

Based on how your content appears in the SERPs, marketers must ensure to design their landing pages that cater the need of long tail keywords.

Tools such as AdWords Keyword Tool, SEO book, SEMRush are great to find natural language suggestions for content. Such tools help you find out keywords that you can include in your content in order to drive prospects to your website who are searching through voice.

3. Website Health

Structure Data: Structure data generates snippets that help search engines find the most appropriate information on your site. With the help of structured data, search engines help you understand what information is on your website.

Make sure there are no crawl issues on your website. Crawl issues lead to search engines not able to understand what is on the pages of your website. This is a great practice for SEO as whole including voice search.

4. Understanding how your customers are using Voice Search

To execute a voice-based SEO strategy, you need to understand how your customers are using voice search. You can do the following things:-

• Carry out customer surveys
Surveys are great to engage with your audience and gather feedback from them. Send out open end surveys and let people answer their questions freely. Notice the tone and style of the language and act accordingly.

• Be friends with forums and communities
Reddit and Quora are great places to conduct Q&A and understand how your target audience communicates.

On Quora, type a phrase in the search result and wait for the results. On Reddit, head over to relevant subreddits and find patterns in comments.

Bottom Line

Voice Search is embraced everywhere. In coming times, more than half of the search queries are expected to carry out through voice. It’s time you transform and evolve beyond text-centric SEO.