One of the prime objectives that you should have in mind while trying to purchase an SEO package is what your expectations are from the work; is it for online fame, it for linking up with high PR sites or purely with sales intention.

When your agendas are clear regarding the online optimization work, you can pick any of the services and step by step have the entire SEO phases implemented. SEO strategies have to be carefully implemented for desired results: Online Reputation Management strategies are different from regular SEO work.

SEO Service

  • SEO Health Check

    SEO Health Check

    Our experts will review the pulse of your website's SEO score with in-depth SWOT analysis and prepare comprehensive SEO Audit Report.

    Regular Price: $6 Member Price: $5

  • Google Penalty Recovery

    Google Penalty Recovery

    We will checkout if your website has been penalized or not by Google's spam and backlink checkup and accordingly create an assessment report along with recovery guidelines.

    Regular Price: $29 Member Price: $19

  • Keyword Research

    Keyword Research

    It's all about the keywords that increase your search value. We select trend and geography based generic keywords, best searches appropriate to your business category.

    Regular Price: $39 Member Price: $29

  • Image Optimization

    Image Optimization

    We optimize your website's images for better image search results and also boost your website pages to load faster.

    Regular Price: $79 Member Price: $69

  • Sitemap Creation

    Sitemap Creation

    HTML & XML sitemaps have your entire website URL's listed into a single page. Sitemap.xml helps Google to clearly fetch all site pages aiding into faster crawl and index rate. While HTML sitemap with easier navigation help visitors to explore all web-page links at single place.

    Regular Price: $29 Member Price: $19

  • Custom 404 Page Not Found

    Custom 404 Page Not Found

    We design customized 404 page not found for your website to guide or track back visitor if they are lost into sitelink that is not found or present.

    Regular Price: $29 Member Price: $19

  • Shopping Feed Management

    Shopping Feed Management

    Integrating your products into Merchant Center Shopping via websites XML feed and products data feed management for PLA optimization.

    Regular Price: $59 Member Price: $49

  • PPC Campaign Design

    PPC Campaign Design

    We create and setup Paid Search Advertising PPC Campaigns for Google Adwords, Bing Ads with effectively driven ROI results, CTR providing you finite clicks maintaining your daily budget.

    Regular Price: $69 Member Price: $59

  • eCommerce SEO Review + 30 Hour Enhancement

    eCommerce SEO Review + 30 Hour Enhancement

    SEO Review, Facelift of portal and one time SEO setup gets encompassed in this and enhances your website's overall performance.

    Regular Price: $699 Member Price: $600

  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Setup + Code Integration

    Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Setup + Code Integration

    We setup Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Account and integrate the code within your website which provides site visitors traffic analytics and let you know any dysfunctional errors within your website via webmaster tools.

    Regular Price: $10 Member Price: $9

  • Google Android Application SEO Analysis

    Google Android Application SEO Analysis

    You can have exquisite Google Android App completely optimized to improve your market place visibility to get significant performance and ROI.

    Regular Price: $39 Member Price: $29

SMO Service

  • Brand/Business Name Availability Check

    Brand/Business Name Availability Check

    Understanding the market niche of your brand or business that you are targeting we help you to reserve the vanity name available across the major social networks.

    Regular Price: $6 Member Price: $5

  • Social Media Marketing Report

    Social Media Marketing Report

    We make a comprehensive social media marketing report based on the competitive market and business trends research helping you to outline an effective social media networking sovereign strategy plan.

    Regular Price: $11 Member Price: $10

  • Designing Profile Pages

    Designing Profile Pages

    For individual social media networks, you need a well-designed customized profile page that goes in sync with your website theme. That is how you attract more people to your official pages on the social media.

    Regular Price: $21 Member Price: $20

  • On-site Social Media Click-throughs

    On-site Social Media Click-throughs

    We strategize your social media marketing campaign's management process to drive more visitors' traffic with effective CTR. That's how your followers and customer base increase.

    Regular Price: $40 Member Price: $30

  • Content Postings on Social Media Networks

    Content Postings on Social Media Networks

    It is important that you keep your profile page active and we do that by creating posts and article content in cycle manner; posting them into your social network profile page and share them into your blog.

    Regular Price: $60 Member Price: $50

  • Paid Social Media Marketing Campaign

    Paid Social Media Marketing Campaign

    Social Media Ads is the greatest rave of our times and you can make easy business out of it by a healthy social media campaign management from us.

    Regular Price: $69 Member Price: $59

  • Facebook Fan Page

    Facebook Fan Page

    Facebook is where the world is and a Facebook Business Page for your fans is where you keep them all connected and informed about the latest updates and events related to your business

    Regular Price: $39 Member Price: $29

  • Twitter Profile Creation

    Twitter Profile Creation

    Tweets are the next "in-thing" and many followers follow your updates and share them on their profiles. In 140 characters still you can remain in touch with them.

    Regular Price: $39 Member Price: $29

  • LinkedIn Company Profile

    LinkedIn Company Profile

    LinkedIn is serious Social Media for organizations/businesses. You can meet others of your own niche, discuss for good prospects and establish business network with your company page.

    Regular Price: $39 Member Price: $29

  • G+ Company Profile

    G+ Company Profile

    Google's own social media another popular platform and is one of the easiest way to rank on Google's top searches as they rank faster and link your business details, maps location and your YouTube Video Channel all of them at one place.

    Regular Price: $39 Member Price: $29

  • Youtube Video Promotion

    Youtube Video Promotion

    Promoting your business via YouTube video channel will give your more customers and drives additional visitors traffic to your website.

    Regular Price: $49 Member Price: $39

  • Bad Link Analysis

    Bad Link Analysis

    Bad links are tough to remove and we have to ensure that these links are identified and removed from the first few pages of Search Results. This means that pin-point to the exact links and strategizes to remove them.

    Regular Price: $11 Member Price: $10

ORM Service

  • Bad Review Removal

    Bad Review Removal

    Any bad review is a pain for businesses and if the review sites are strong websites, then the process is challenging which we are experts at. Removing these bad reviews from search results is our ultimate goal.

    Regular Price: $39 Member Price: $29

  • Online Conflict Removal

    Online Conflict Removal

    It so happens in the same niche, many businesses may claim familiarity and plagiarism of their trade. We ensure that we remove such conflicting elements from your business and protect your business identity against conflicted data.

    Regular Price: $199 Member Price: $99

  • Copyright Protection

    Copyright Protection

    Protecting your business from fraud sites is equally important so if any other sites bad mouth your business or copy your site media/content they are penalized legally and forced to take down their copied content.

    Regular Price: $550 Member Price: $499